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Assign organisation administration rights

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This article applies to organisation administrators.

As an organisation administrator, you can assign organisation administrator and school administrator privileges from organiser level.

Open the School Admin tool and select the top level (organiser level) from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Further down the page under the title Users, you can choose whether you want to manage Organisation Administrators or School Administrators.

Click on, for example, Organisation Administrators and you will see a list of the users who currently have this right.

Add administrator

To add a new administrator, click on Add Administrator. You can then search for the user who should have rights, check and click Assign. If you want to add a school administrator, the procedure is exactly the same, but under Users, click on School Administrators.

NOTE! With regard to School Administrators, it is important to note that the user receives administrator rights for all schools to which they are connected.

If the administrator has rights to more than one school, this can be seen by displaying a + sign and then the number of schools to which the administrator is connected.

Remove administrator

To revoke the administrator privileges of one or more users, check the box next to their name, then click Remove selected or click the icon at the far right of the same row as the name. this applies to both organisation and school administrators.

NOTE! When you delete an administrator, it loses the administrator rights for all schools to which the user is connected.

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