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Create a folder

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Do you have many tools in your collection or do you simply want to get better at organizing? Then you can create folders!

If you hold one tool over another, you can create a new folder. You can name folders and then fill them as you wish. You can just as easily empty the folder.

1. Click on one tool, hold down the button and drag the tool over another tool. A folder icon will then appear. Release the tool, and the folder will be created automatically.

2. Click on the folder to access it. Here you can rename and sort your tools inside the folder.

3. To rename the folder, hover your mouse over the name, and then click the pen icon. Once you have entered the name, you save by clicking the save icon.

4. You can easily delete tools by dragging them out of the folder or by right-clicking and selecting Delete. When the last tool is removed from the folder, the folder removes itself.

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